Urgent call to support HSE during Covid-19 < back to covid-19 news

COVID Engineering Alliance* has been formed to support the HSE with the re-configuration and expansion of its utility systems. The Alliance, which includes ACEI member firms Arup and RPS, has been set up to address increases in patient numbers with respiratory needs in the coming weeks. 

ACEI is writing to request where possible, assistance from available member firms to help with this call for support. The specifics of the request in relation to both equipment needs and professional expertise are in the note below.

All responses, offers of assistance and queries should be directed to Arup engineer Edith Blennerhassett: 

Important Request for Support of HSE regarding Covid-19 from the COVID Engineering Alliance

This is an urgent request for industrial utility managers/engineers and facility managers / engineers familiar with their respective utility systems who may be aware of opportunities to meet the needs below. For respondents in one corporate entity please forward it directly to key personnel at all sites in your Ireland network.

Given the multi-week length of the COVID19 response the  HSE is installing extra utility equipment to provide additional resiliency/backup to their medical gas systems  at hospitals across the country. The HSE is requesting assistance from industry partners to identify unused/spare redundant pieces of equipment that can be released on loan as soon as possible:

1. Oil Free Air Cooled Air Compressors suitable for Breathing Air Service  with/without post compression treatment (dryer / filtration etc)

2. Idle cryogenic oxygen vessels (even if leased from a supplier) with/without evaporators

3. Idle cryogenic industrial gas (nitrogen/argon) vessels (even if leased from a supplier) with/without evaporators

4. Spare/Idle cryogenic  evaporators  (any gaseous service)

5. Non cryogenic oxygen generators (lab or production scale.

6. Spare MCPs ( Oxygen or other Industrial gases)

In relation to the above equipment, firms are being asked to consider duty/ standby configurations for a short time, about six weeks. The HSE will be available to discuss release terms with respective plant managements where needed.

It is preferred that a utility lead (or equivalent ) for each site that receives this email  also reply even if they are not able to contribute so a contact list can be developed to simplify follow up for  future needs.

As Irish hospitals may be running these medical gas systems heavily loaded for many weeks, the Alliance also wishes to provide consulting advice from industry on operating plant and hence welcomes engineers with air compressor, medical gases and cryogenic industrial gases experience to also forward their contact information. All advice provided will be indemnified by the state.

*The COVID Engineering Alliance is comprised of Arup, RPS, JACOBS, PM Group, DPS, ProChem, Biopharma, Exyte, IPS and ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering)