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Location: Mexico City

Mexico City will proudly host next year’s FIDIC International Infrastructure conference from 8-10 September 2019. Continuing the future-gazing approach of Berlin 2018, in Mexico City we will turn our attention to how technology is revolutionising the way companies and the industry conducts its business. Under a central conference theme of “Technological innovation impacting the industry”, delegates will consider how innovations and new hi-tech thinking in our sector is changing all aspects of the way that consultancy and engineering firms do business. Change is all around us and new ideas, sometimes imported from other industry sectors, are making a big difference to how infrastructure companies operate. The application of technology is helping to reduce operating costs, improve communication, increase productivity, broaden customer bases and facilitate more collaboration and outsourcing. This technological revolution is certain to disrupt firms operating in the infrastructure sector, so getting the inside track on the latest developments, the challenges of change – as well as the new opportunities - is an absolute must for all firms operating in our sector. How should firms react to this changing business landscape? Are we ready as an industry to take full advantage? What are the technological changes that will offer the most opportunities? Who will be the new players in our business landscape? How can companies stay one step ahead of the curve? All these questions and more will be discussed at FIDIC 2019 in the fantastic setting of Mexico’s largest city and the most populous metropolitan area in the western hemisphere.

As Latin America’s largest metropolis, Mexico City offers visitors a unique experience, combining the glitz and glamour of a thriving cosmopolitan city with the cultural and historical legacies of Mexico’s rich past. Mexico City is not only Mexico’s political, economic and cultural capital, but also the country’s business capital and home to a wide variety of national and international institutions, companies, and professionals, making it an ideal venue to welcome the FIDIC family for its 2019 annual conference. Mexico itself is a country of unparalleled opportunities, the second largest economy in Latin America and the 15th largest in the world. It is a global leader in aerospace, automotive, electronics, technology and renewable energy and its sustainable economic growth, rich cultural heritage and expansive infrastructure has made it a key strategic destination for businesses around the world to convene. Mexico is the perfect host, offering visitors modern venues, equipped with the latest technology and attended by skilled personnel and professional suppliers that operate under the highest service standards. Delegates to FIDIC 2019 are sure to be well looked after at our conference venue, the Presidente InterContinental Mexico City. As a gateway to the world, Mexico City’s state-of-the art airport welcomes visitors from across the globe on a daily basis and we hope it will also welcome you too on 8-10 September 2019 for what promises to be an exciting, dynamic, thought-provoking and must-attend FIDIC 2019 conference.

Mr. Alain Bentéjac
FIDIC President