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Cundall’s global thought leadership webinars are aimed at creating a more sustainable world. Their engineers from across the globe will be sharing research, initiatives and design considerations covering a range of disciplines and sectors.


From Wednesday 17th February to Thursday 22nd April the following series of webinars are planned:


Dark Skies

by Andrew Bissell

Wednesday 17 February

8.30 GMT, 12.30 GST, 16.30 HKT, 19.30 AEDT - Register Now

The current global crisis has had some positive effects on climate change and reducing pollution, however the concept of pollution is often associated with air, water and land pollutants ignoring the negative effect of excessive artificial light in our lives – known as light pollution.

The built environment is starting to understand the importance of reducing light pollution and promoting lighting that is beautiful, healthy and functional. To this end the Dark Skies All Party Parliamentary Group released their 10 policies. This webinar discusses how these policies and the growing momentum to eliminate light pollution will change how we design such that we have inspiring facades and public spaces whilst protecting the night sky and satisfying the more onerous planning conditions.


NABERS UK: Measuring your building's performance

by Jen Elias, Richard Twinn, David Clark and Nick Stokoe

Wednesday 24 February

8.30 GMT, 12.30 GST, 16.30 HKT, 19.30 AEDT - Register Now

The performance gap between design energy consumption and actual energy use has been widely publicised. NABERS UK and Design for Performance have been launched to bridge this gap. As a Pioneer Delivery Partner for the scheme and drawing on our experience of designing and delivering NABERS rated buildings in Australia, Cundall can guide you through each stage of the process.


Join our Sustainability Experts as they discuss how NABERS UK and Design for Performance can provide accurate data on how your commercial building is performing and identify areas for improvements and savings.


Delivering the Workplace of the Future

by Andrew Thompson, Patrick Carpenter, Bettina Easton, Alex Saez, Hartmut Kraft, Michelle Ganley

Wednesday 24 February

13:30 AEDT, 10.30 HKT, 6.30 GST- Register Now

The workplace is always evolving, and never more so than in 2020. But beyond the current safety screens and floor stickers, what are the design and engineering innovations driving long term change? From resi-mmercial to hospital-grade HVAC, and doing the “coffee run” from your desk, join us as our experts share insights from their fields to paint a picture of where cutting edge commercial development is headed.


Why adopt a PPP procurement pathway?

by Richard Stratton and Caimin McCabe

Wednesday 3 March

6.00 BST, 9.00 GST, 13.00 HKT, 15.00 AEST - Registration details coming soon

Governments across MENA region are increasingly looking to attract private sector investment through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements. Although PPP’s have been extensively used internationally, their use is relatively new within GGC countries and particularly outside the infrastructure sector.


Whilst PPP offers potential economic diversity and stimulation, it is essential for governments and all key stakeholders involved to be fully aware of the best practices and main pitfalls when considering a PPP procurement route.


Join us for the first in a series of webinars aimed at enhancing your understanding of PPP. This first webinar will cover how PPP procurement differs from a traditional procurement process and the benefits to the Public Sector and/or the Private Sector.


Improving visitor experience – Can secure buildings be welcoming?

by Graham Barker and the Security Team

Tuesday 16 March

8.30 GMT, 12.30 GST, 16.30 HKT, 19.30 AEDT - Register Now

How can security and vertical transportation be incorporated into smart building technology to enhance visitor experience into your building? The team will discuss the ‘public’ areas in the workplace concentrating on receptions areas, cafes and restaurants. The team will touch on topics such as net zero carbon, hybrid working, design team engagement and client understanding. 


Martyn’s Law and what it means for you

by Leigh Harper and Luke Stevens

Wednesday 14 April

8.30 BST, 11.30 GST, 15.30 HKT, 17.30 AEST - Register Now

Martyn’s Law is a new piece of legislation which aims to provide the public better protection from terrorism in response to the Manchester Arena Attack. This Law will apply to all buildings that allow the public to pass through them. Although the legislation has been delayed by Covid, Manchester have already adopted this approach and it is now a requirement for new developments. Join our webinar hosted by members of our security team, who will take you through the legislation step by step and give examples of how your buildings, sites and developments can meet this new duty of care to protect the public.


Earth Day: What does the industry need to achieve before COP26

by Simon Wyatt

Thursday 22 April

8.30 BST, 11.30 GST, 15.30 HKT, 17.30 AEST - Register Now


Join Simon Wyatt on Earth Day for a discussion on COP26, what it means for our industry and what we need to do in the run up.