ACEI Member firm T.J.O’Connor certified to BIM Standard I.S.EN ISO 19650< back to news

ACEI congratulates member firm T.J.O’Connor for being the first company NSAI certified to International BIM Standard I.S. EN ISO 19650.

With the publication of IS EN ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2 by ISO and CEN and adopted by NSAI as an Irish Standard there is a truly international standard for Building Information Modelling (BIM) for both the Irish Construction Industry to adopt and follow and for asset owners to reply for real time asset information. The benefits of BIM are well established in the broadest sense; the standards cover the production, management and exchange of architectural, engineering, construction and operational information, regarding the build environment. These standards deal specially with the process for structuring electronic or digital building information using BIM. BIM refers to the use of a shared digital representation of a built object, to facilitate the construction and operation process, including building and infrastructure. BIM is relevant to planning, design, construction and operations of build assets, to form a more reliable basis for decision making and management.

Further information on the BIM Framework is available here.