ACEI nominations to the EFCA Future Leaders Award 2020< back to news

ACEI is pleased to advise that Marie-Claire Daly, PUNCH Consulting Engineers and Seamus Doyle, O’Connor Sutton Cronin, have been nominated by ACEI for the 2020 EFCA Future Leader Award. This year 24 entries were received from nine EFCA member associations (MAs) across Europe. The award is open to all professionals working in EFCA MAs, and aims to highlight the talent of the next generation of engineering leaders. The EFCA Future Leader Award winners will be announced on 4 June 2020.

This event is open to all professionals aged 35 and under and working for firms in the membership of your national association. It aims at highlighting the talent of Europe’s next generation of leaders in our sector and at demonstrating the diversity and attractiveness of a career in our sector.


Winner: Gitte Gylling Hammershøj Olesen, Denmark here.

Runner Up: Claus Maimann Davidsen here.

Runner Up: Henrik Bredahl  Kock here.