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Joint publication to be launched with EIC
Later this week, EFCA and the European International Contractors (EIC) will release the Standard operating procedure and toolkit for the procurement of sustainable infrastructure. This publication is the result of years of experience by contractors and consulting engineers, of submitting tenders for infrastructure projects in other continents, particularly those that are subject to investment by the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). The tool kit contains  best practice and aims to guide procurement staff at MDBs, borrowers, public promoters, and implementing agencies in incorporating quality and sustainability criteria into large infrastructure tenders. EFCA will post more information on LinkedIN in the coming days.

Why consulting engineers are ‘more crucial than ever’

In a recent exclusive interview with International Construction Magazine, our EFCA President, Inés Ferguson, highlighted the pivotal role of consulting engineers in shaping a sustainable and digitally transformed future. Consulting engineers are leading the charge in driving the green transition and embracing digital technologies. Through their expertise, they design and implement solutions that reduce carbon emissions, enhance resilience, and promote circularity in our built environment. By leveraging tools like BIM and digital twins, consulting engineers optimise project outcomes and unlock new possibilities. In the interview, Inés shed light on her vision for EFCA's work. She emphasised the importance of collaboration and engagement with European institutions, as well as advocating for policies that benefit the consulting engineering industry. Finally, she also discussed EFCA's role in influencing legislation at both European and national levels, ensuring a unified voice and impactful outcomes.  More information is available here.

Introducing the Ukraine Facility

The European Commission is working on a regulation that will establish the Ukraine Facility, a flexible instrument aimed at providing the country with predictable financial support from 2024 to 2027. This initiative seeks to address Ukraine's short-term state and recovery needs while also supporting its medium-term reconstruction and modernisation efforts. To gather input and feedback on the proposed regulation, the Commission has initiated an open consultation, which will close on 5 September. EFCA and its Ukraine Support Group welcome the Commission's proposal and will submit a common view, following consultation with its members.  More information is available here.

Study's findings on Circular Approaches in Construction 
The European Commission has recently published a study that examines the application of circular approaches within the construction industry ecosystem. This study not only emphasises the potential benefits of transitioning to a circular economy in construction but also identifies key barriers that must be overcome for widespread implementation. EFCA made a key contribution to this study, highlighting the need for a broader perspective on circularity and advocating for standardised measurement practices.  More information is available here.

Newsletter on summer break
While the EFCA office will remain operational throughout the summer, our newsletter will take a break. The next issue will be delivered to your mailbox on September 07.