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EFCA's European Green Deal Committee discusses taxonomy

Earlier this week, a new Chair hosted a meeting of sustainability experts from the consulting engineering community. Amongst other subjects, taxonomy and energy were on the agenda. The Chair and Vice-Chair, from COWI and Sweco respectively, consulted participants, who included the previous Chair and Vice-Chair. Immediate objectives for 2023 will build on past work and will align with the EU objectives of the Green Deal, where these match the expertise of the Member Associations and the consulting engineering firms. The sustainability expertise of the group, which includes circularity measurement, taxonomy and energy assure us of significant progress towards a sustainable future. Watch this space for updates on their work!  Further information is available here.

EFCA will support work on cloud computing contract clauses

EFCA's Chair of the Digitalisation and BIM Committee, Joseph Ickmans, has recently been accepted as a member of a newly formed sub-group to the Expert Group on B2B data sharing and cloud computing contracts. A civil engineer, currently responsible for major tunnel projects at Tractebel, Jef is also an expert in BIM. The list of members of this sub-group has not yet been published.

Women in engineering

In the latest edition of Construction Europe, EFCA emphasises the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in the engineering and construction industry. The article pays tribute to women in engineering, acknowledging some leading women in the EFCA community and beyond. It highlights the chronic skills shortage in the industry, with women still being underrepresented; and provides statistics from different countries. Looking beyond the "traditional" profile of engineers will attract and retain talented individuals, boost innovation and creativity and motivate the next generation of engineers and construction professionals.  Further information is available here.

Joint recommendations for future reconstruction of Ukraine

As a co-signatory of a joint paper, EFCA, along with other stakeholders from the Construction 2050 Alliance, emphasises the urgent need for reconstruction efforts in Ukraine once conditions make that possible. The estimated cost of reconstruction has risen to $138 billion and the World Bank estimates the total investment needed at around $350 billion. EFCA and the other co-signatories recommend rebuilding sustainably, involving and training local partners, using sustainable materials and following EU anti-corruption legislation. The paper also emphasises the importance of private sector investment in the long-term to accelerate and optimise the use of public money.  Further information is available here.

Webinar: Commission initiatives supporting digital transition

EFCA will take part in the High Level Construction Forum webinar next week, on the digital transition of the construction industry. During the event on 25 April the European Commission will update participants on its ongoing efforts towards digitalising procurement processes and building permits; and improving digital building logbooks. Additionally, participants will be informed of the current status of the Data Act and the Artificial Intelligence Act. The webinar will also highlight the support available for SMEs, which face financial and other obstacles. Industry representatives will take part in a panel discussion and present their specific actions, aimed at supporting the Transition Pathway for the Construction Ecosystem, which was published on 15 March 2023. EFCA will outline its own commitment and some of the relevant actions being undertaken by the consulting engineering industry.  Further information is available here.