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Project Ireland 2040: The key points you need to know

On 16th February the government signed off on Project Ireland 2040, the new national planning and capital expenditure plans.

The €116 billion plan sets out a 23-year vision for the country and which projects will be prioritised in capital spending plans.

According to the plan, it is designed to “enhance the wellbeing and quality of life” of Irish people by providing a framework for the kind of Ireland that will be built in the next 22 years.

This includes “preventing uncontrolled gravitation” of advantages towards Dublin.

It includes four new funds designed to “stimulate renewal and investment in rural and urban areas, the environment and innovation”:

A €2 billion Urban Regeneration and Development Fund to “unstick” urban developments -  examples could include Cork Docklands (City and Tivoli Docks and associated mobility and bridge access), Limerick 2030, Waterford North Quays Strategic Development Zone (SDZ), and Galway City Centre regeneration

A €1 billion Rural Development FundA €500 million Climate Action Fund

A €500 million Disruptive Technologies Fund

The complete plan is available here.

The ten strategic outcomes are available to read

The Irish Times has today 13th March published Project Ireland 2040: the infrastructure plan's main points and summaries them as,

Two plans to set out infrastructure priorities and plan regional development, the complete article is available here.

The Irish Examiner on 23rd February published Sponsored content in partnership with Project Ireland 2040, entitled Ireland 2040: Building a national framework for the future.  The complete article is available here.