NBC&MSO Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 June 2022< back to news

The NBC&MSO has published its Q1 Newsletter.  Information on the following is included:

  • Commencement Notice Assigned Certifier Route or Commencement Notice With Declaration to “Opt Out” of Statutory Certification?
  • A Guide to the marketing and use of Aggregate Concrete Blocks to EN 771-3 in Ireland (2022) What You need to know.
  • S.I. 243 of 2012 Building Energy Rating EU (EPBR)
  • Code of Practice for Fire Safety Assessment of Premises and Buildings
  • Building Control Compliance Requirements for Commencement Notices with and without Declaration to Opt-Out of Statutory Certification- i.e., all Commencement Notices.
  • Eye on IT-Standards
  • Radon Risk in Ireland
  • Places for People - the National Policy on Architecture
  • End of Covid-19 Notices for Works or Material Change of Use Circular Letter BC02-2022
  • Events, CPD & Other Notes

If you have any queries, talk to your local building control office, or contact the NBC&MSO Team at