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ACEI welcomes the recently published government Return to Work Safely Protocol providing  guidance on a framework on which to build return to work planning. Its design allows for the introduction of further sector, industry, or indeed, company specific measures, as long as they enhance the measures set out in the Protocol.


It is hoped that the Protocol will provide confidence to employers and employees that the safety and well-being of people at work can be securely managed as Ireland’s economy begins to re-open.


It is also welcome that the development of the Protocol is a clear demonstration of the positive impact of social dialogue as a way to allow government to collaborate with key stakeholders in society to address major challenges.


Within the Protocol there is a response plan template along with eight employer checklists that are required to be completed. These are provided below.

Covid-19 Response Plan Template
Return to Work Form
Employers Checklst
Employers Checklist - Control Measure
Employers Checklist - Induction
Employers Checklist - Suspected Case
Employers Checklist - Cleaning Disinfection
Employee Checklist - Workers
Worker Representative Checklist

A link to the Ibec checklist with reference numbers that relate directly to the “Return to Work Safely Protocol” document is provided HERE.