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A new book entitled ‘Nael G. Bunni in Dialogue with Tayseer Treky and Misbah Kamal: Insights on Construction Contracts and Insurance has recently been published.


This new book provides an interview conducted by Mr. Tayseer Treky and Mr. Misbah Kamal, the idea for which was born after they translated Dr. Bunni’s successful ‘Risk and Insurance in Construction’ into Arabic in 2017.


In addition to an autobiographical narrative and views on the insurance market, with a particular focus on Iraq in the 1960s, and with special reference to international construction and engineering, the dialogue covers complex and difficult issues in construction insurance and associated problems under the following chapters:


Chapter 1: The Formative Years in Iraq

Chapter 2: The Seed and Development of Construction Insurance in Iraq

Chapter 3: Ireland as Home and Place of Work

Chapter 4: The World of Construction Insurance Underwriting: selected issues

Chapter 5: The World of Construction Insurance Underwriting: additional questions

Chapter 6: Arab Construction Insurance Markets

Chapter 7: ‘Order out of Chaos’ – Loss Adjustment

Chapter 8: The International Construction Insurance Scene


Further information can be found on, details on purchasing Nael's book are here.