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Irish Water is delivering a pilot project that is facilitating Self Lay of water services infrastructure in public roads by developers on behalf of Irish Water.

Submissions for inclusion in this pilot project will be considered under the following circumstances;

  • Significant synergies exist with other utilities and services for work to be undertaken in the public road.
  • A proposed Irish Water delivery programme to provide the required infrastructure does not align with the required development timelines.

The developer must have a valid connection application for the development with Irish Water currently or be in receipt of a valid connection offer for the development.

In order for Self Lay in the public road to be expanded into the future, an accreditation scheme for water services must be in place. In order to develop this accreditation scheme, this pilot will be focussed in areas where particular circumstances are deemed to apply by Irish Water and so it is unlikely that applications for inclusion in the pilot project will be successful in the following circumstances:

  • The developer cannot acquire the necessary statutory obligations associated for the works to be delivered e.g. planning permissions, road opening requirements.
  • Upgrades are required to existing Irish Water “Treatment Infrastructure” such as treatment plants, pumping stations, reservoirs, abstraction works as defined by the Connection Charging Policy.
  • Undertaking the required works would have an impact on existing customers.

Other developments are dependent on the delivery of the required water services infrastructure.

Irish Water is open to considering the developer’s use of our approved regional connection contractors to undertake the required work in the public road and is open to the use of contractors that have proven experience in the provision of water services infrastructure within development sites in accordance with Irish Water's Codes of Practices and Standard Details.

If new water services infrastructure in the public road is required to connect your development to the Irish Water network and if you consider that significant synergies exist or timelines necessitate, then you may wish for your development to be considered for inclusion in this pilot project.

Approval in advance from Irish Water is required before a developer can proceed to deliver Self Lay in the Public Road on behalf of Irish Water.

Self Lay in the Public Roads FAQ’s          

If you would like to submit a project for consideration, please contact Irish Water and quote your CDS reference number. You can contact them in the following ways:


Phone: 1850 278 278 or + 353 1 707 2828 (Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm)


By Post:  Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City.