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company details:
  • Contact Name:
    Tony Dempsey
  • Company:
    Roughan & O'Donovan Consulting Engineers
  • Address:
    Arena House, Arenda Road, Sandyford Business Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18
categories/ group:
  • Project Category:
  • Project Group:
    Large Project (over €10m)
project details:
  • Name of the project:
    Northern Spire Bridge
  • Location:
    Sunderland, UK
  • Commencement date:
  • Completion Date:
  • Client:
    Farrans Victor - Buyck CJV
project description:

The Northern Spire Bridge forms a new connection from the A19 to the Port of Sunderland and facilitates the regeneration of miles of post-industrial river bank. Northern Spire is 340m long and comprises a 24m wide deck, supported by a 105m high A-Frame pylon on driven and bored piles. The central pylon was fabricated in one piece off-site and transported by sea to the bridge site. The deck was assembled in two sections alongside the bridge and launched in two separate phases across the river.

The Northern Spire Bridge team pushed the boundaries of engineering design by developing new methodologies to raise its central pylon and launch the bridge deck across the river. These innovations resulted in significant programme cost savings for the client, Sunderland City Council. The bridge is one of England’s biggest civil engineering projects in recent years.