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company details:
  • Contact Name:
    John McElvaney
  • Company:
    Jennings O’Donovan & Partners Ltd and Malachy Walsh & Partners
  • Address:
    Jennings O'Donovan 
    Finisklin, Sligo

    Malachy Walsh & Partners
    Bessboro Road, Blackrock, Cork,
categories/ group:
  • Project Category:
    Overseas Category
  • Project Group:
project details:
  • Name of the project:
    Nysäter Wind Farm, Sweden
  • Location:
    Viksjö, Västernorrland, Sweden
  • Commencement date:
    April 2019
  • Completion Date:
    December 2020
  • Client:
    Nordex Sverige AB
project description:

With an installed capacity of 474 MW and exporting 1.7 TWh of power a year to Sweden’s national grid, the Nysäter Wind Farm is the second-largest onshore wind farm in Sweden and one of the largest wind farms in Europe. Jennings O’Donovan and Malachy Walsh have creatively developed an indigenous, sustainable green energy resource that is compliant with Swedish and international standards. Innovative design techniques were adopted to overcome undulating terrain, variable ground conditions, permafrost and address environmental constraints of surrounding designated areas.  A highly collaborative approach with the various teams involved was key to the success of this project.