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company details:
  • Contact Name:
    Francis McNulty
  • Company:
    OConnor Sutton Cronin (M&E) Ltd
  • Address:

    9 Prussia Street
    Dublin 7
    Tel: 01 8682000

categories/ group:
  • Project Category:
    Overseas Category
  • Project Group:
    Large projects (over €10m)
project details:
  • Name of the project:
    Refurbishment of Head Office for Digicel in Port Au Prince, Haiti
  • Location:
    Turgeau Central Business District Haiti
  • Commencement date:
    March 2012
  • Completion Date:
    August 2014
  • Client:
    Digicel / Island Capital
project description:

Digicel are one of the leading telecoms providers in the Caribbean, including Haiti since 2001. The head office for the Haitian operation is based in the Turgeau Central Business District region in the capital of Haiti, Port Au Prince.  This consists of a significant office building with a floor area of over 13,600m2 and one of the central telecoms switches for the mobile phone operation on the island.

Although the office building remained standing following the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, it incurred significant damage and only remained in operation following emergency works.  So a plan was put in place to provide permanent repairs while upgrading and re‐fitting some areas.

In addition to the office building works a new Marriott hotel is being developed on the adjacent site. As this development is not completed it does not form part of this submission.

Project description

Refurbishment of office building and fit out following earthquake damage of the Digicel headquarters, included the following elements;

1. Fit out of office floors
2. New glazed and stud partitioning
3. Suspended ceilings
4. Energy efficient lighting
5. Air conditioning
6. Fire alarm, access control, CCTV etc.
7. New furniture and wiring to desks

External works to the office building include the following;

1. Removing of the existing facade and the installation of a complete new facade to the 12 storey office building along with the installation of a temporary weather tight facade once the original facade was removed.

2. Construction of new external core incorporating 2 no. new 21 man passenger lifts.

3. Installation of 60,000 GDP Bio‐Nest waste water treatment plant including outfall.

4. New water supply to the site including storage and treatment facilities.

5. New 5.5MW power generation plant. The interior architecture has been designed to conform to the requirements of the Digicel brand while having a distinctive local Haitian character.  All the elements are designed to meet the very detailed, comprehensive and exacting standards set out by Digicel and achieve significant improved energy efficiency.  The building is in a hurricane zone and a very high risk earthquake zone and hence was designed in strict compliance with international codes.

With the conclusion of the works staff at the Digicel head office in Port‐au‐Price are enjoying greatly improved and much more comfortable conditions.    This includes bright airy spaces with improved daylight and views leading to superior working conditions.  The façade, air conditioning and lighting work had greatly improved energy use which has led to significant saving in the running of the facility. The life time cost saving achieved on this project are a noteworthy success factor for the client, when it is considered that all power is generated on site by the generator plant with fuel at $40 per barrel. The new generator plant has also added to the improved efficiency and reduced running cost plus improving the overall ambiance with modern catalytic convertors reduced noise levels and improved reliability.