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ACEI President Conor McCarthy today at the association’s Annual Conference heralded the launch of the association’s Sustainability Vision and Commitment to Climate Action on the eve of World Engineering Day, in the context of “Engineering for Sustainable Development”.

Gemma McCarthy, ACEI Sustainability Committee member outlined ACEI’s commitment to pursue projects that will benefit communities and the environment, projects that will be well planned and designed to address resilience, long-term sustainability and societal impacts. She outlined ACEI’s aspiration seeking to capture the unique position Consulting engineers hold in providing advice and guidance to clients - at early stage project development and the opportunity they have to instil ambition in how projects can be realised in a sustainable way.

A future shaped by socially and environmentally responsible design, where true long-term costs and benefits are considered across entire project lifecycles

Sarah Ingle, ACEI’s Secretary General affirmed the ACEI’s ongoing commitment and engagement with members and stakeholders on this important vision.