Covid-19 ACEI Notice on Essential Service Providers< back to news

In relation to the Covid-19 emergency, the ACEI view on the Government’s list of essential service providers is as follows: 

The only site/inspection/field work that ACEI member firms should attend is for projects that are directly related to the Covid 19 effort or projects that are part of an essential supply chain. 

ACEI member firms and their employees should only attend building or infrastructure construction sites to carry out site supervision, inspection and related work where the client (that is the asset owner, or organisation ultimately responsible for commissioning the works), has provided a clear instruction that the site is included in the list above. If this instruction has not been provided, then the site is considered not essential for the purposes of public health. 

ACEI notes the following activities in the Government’s list that relate to the services its member firms provide. 

- water collection, treatment and supply
- sewerage; waste collection, remediation activities and other waste management treatment and disposal activities 

- essential health and related projects relevant to the COVID-19 crisis, and supplies necessary for such projects
- repair/construction of critical road and utility infrastructure 

Professional, Scientific and Technical activities:
- engineering, technical testing activities and analysis
- regulation, inspection and certification services necessary to support essential services