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Join the Discussion on Climate Resilience at EFCA International Conference 2023 in Rome
The EFCA International Conference 2023 in Rome on May 31 is set to be an informative and thought-provoking event. With additional speakers confirmed for the discussion on "Delivering Climate Resilience: How the European Green Deal, Digitalisation, and Harmonised Standards Present Opportunities for Engineering Consultancies," attendees can expect to gain insights into the crucial issues facing the industry. The conference will explore the ways in which engineering and consultancy companies can contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine, the role of digitalisation in promoting structural resilience, and the opportunities available to consulting engineers in enhancing climate resilience. Whether you're an industry professional or simply interested in the future of engineering and consultancy, this event is not to be missed. Register now to secure your place and be part of the discussion.  More information is available here.

EFCA responds to Taxonomy Consultation

The EU Commission is currently seeking feedback on its proposed Taxonomy Delegated Acts. EFCA strongly supports the lowering of the target for recycled concrete use from 60% to 30%. EFCA believes that the 30% target is more realistic and achievable, but has also requested the reintroduction of CE.3.5.3, recognising that even achieving the lower target can be challenging when using recycled material that needs to be moved long distances. In line with CE. 3.5.4, the ultimate rationale should be that only options leading to the lowest CO2 emissions are used. More information is available here.

EFCA Board meets in Belgrade
Recently, EFCA's Board of Directors met in Belgrade, hosted by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia (ACES), to discuss critical topics related to the engineering industry. The evening before, a joint meeting with ACES, EFCA and the Construction Dispute Resolution Center heard updates from the Board members of the three organisations.  Amongst other topics, participants considered skills development and addressing industry skill gaps. On the agenda for the EFCA Board were the implications of the Data Act, CSRD, and Taxonomy for EFCA members and the industry. The forthcoming General Assembly in Rome and a pre-assembly conference were also on the agenda. EFCA's commitment to skills development, sustainability, and innovation continues to drive the industry towards a sustainable future.

Webinar: EFCA Highlights Critical Barrier to Full Digitalisation of Construction Industry
Last week, the High Level Construction Forum organised a webinar on the digital transition of the construction industry. During the webinar, the European Commission provided attendees with an update on its ongoing efforts to digitalise procurement processes and building permits, as well as find the right EU solution for digital building logbooks, which are already used at national level in some countries. From EFCA's perspective the most important aspects, which currently threaten to hamper full digitalisation of the industry relate to data sharing and its implications for Intellectual Property, as well as security and privacy. This issue is also preventing the mindset change needed, because partners in the construction ecosystem are concerned about risk, as well as liability.  EFCA believes that this one issue, above all others, must be resolved if we are to achieve the goal of full digitalisation in the long term.