Launch of free Carbon designer Ireland

The Irish Green Building Council (IGBC), with Support from the Land Development Agency (LDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has launched a free online tool to assess the likely carbon impacts of different material approaches at an early stage in building design.

Its purpose is to educate on the impacts of different construction build ups, to share it with design team members so that embodied carbon is considered from early concept stage. It can also be used by clients to set indicative benchmarks for buildings before there is even a design.

IGBC are happy to provide a short CPD to our members on how to use it.  It is easy to use, but sometimes getting into it and understanding where to go next needs some demonstration. The idea is to play around with the different options for construction and easily visualise the impact early enough in the design stage. 

For videos and information on how to use it are available here.